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Real estate law

At P & S, LLP, we understand that the purchase or sale of property is very important to the individual or business making the deal. We also know that delays, mistakes, and miscommunications can be costly and frustrating. Too often the missteps and oversights of brokers and lawyers imperil a deal, create extra cost to the buyer or seller, and needlessly prolong the transaction. We take a comprehensive approach to real estate law that fully protects our client’s rights and maximizes their profit. We anticipate and avoid problems before they arise, emphasize close personal contact from start to finish, and move deals to speedy and profitable closings. You can rest assured that we’ll identify issues and problems as early as possible and help you deal with realtors, mortgage brokers, banks, management companies, tenants, and cooperative boards.

At P & S, LLP, we are experienced litigators and trial lawyers who will meticulously prepare your case to ensure a winning result in court. In our commercial and real estate departments, we emphasize a goal-oriented, cost-conscious approach that gets results quickly and avoids unnecessary legal expense. Although we take an aggressive approach, we recognize that avoiding a protracted and expensive lawsuit is often in our client’s best interest. For that reason, we attempt, where possible, to resolve controversies without going to court. But if litigation and trial becomes necessary, our seasoned trial lawyers will fight tirelessly to protect your rights. We handle all types of real estate litigation for individuals, businesses, and owner associations, including:

Commercial Transactions:

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