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We represent a wide range of people across the metropolitan area, including everyday working class folks, tradesmen, union members, municipal employees, teachers, construction laborers, and professionals of every stripe. Our clients are often victims of on-the-job or line-of-duty accidents, motor vehicle collisions, trip and falls, slip and falls, private and public premises fall-down incidents, physical attacks, police misconduct, and medical malpractice. We also represent individuals and companies in real estate and commercial transactions and all types of business disputes.

In addition to the previously listed types of cases, our office is currently working on a wide range of cases from train derailments,legionnaire disease, false arrests,roof and ceilings collapses, sexual and other assaults in school and elsewhere.

We stand face to face with large insurance carriers and demand — and receive — compensation for wrongs done to every day people who can no longer provide for themselves or their families, who have lost enjoyment of life, and who have medical expenses.At Pavlounis & Sfouggatakis, LLP we are aware that a financial award cannot fully make up for the pain and suffering you have endured as a result of an accident. However, fighting for your rights and receiving just renumeration for your injuries can begin the healing process.

At Pavlounis & Sfouggatakis, LLP we personally evaluate every case, and conduct our own investigations in order to obtain important evidence, documentation, testimony, and information to use on your behalf. When you retain the services of our firm, our attorneys will keep you up to date on all new developments regarding your case. In addition, we are dedicated to protecting your best interest, and making sure your case is handled in a professional and timely manner.

Our mission at Pavlounis & Sfouggatakis, LLP, is to obtain significant compensation for people who have been seriously harmed through the negligence of others.It is important to know that Pavlounis & Sfouggatakis, LLP works for you on a contingency basis. This means you pay us nothing until we produce a positive result for you.

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